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Custom and Standard Electrical Heater Design for Restaurant, Commercial & Industrial Use

Design, Sales and Service with over fifty years of Quality Service

Restaurant and Commercial Electric Heating Elements and Controls

Commercial and Restaurant Electric Heating Elements

Creative Assemblies, Inc is an OEM manufacturer of Open Coil Air Heaters. We can Custom Design electric heaters to your specifications.

Visit Creative Assemblies, Inc website to learn more.

Our heating elements are compatible replacement parts. We make no claim that our replacements parts are "OEM" unless otherwise stated. Some of our vendors are able to supply us with "OEM" parts. If you specifiy "OEM" we can do our best to try an locate the OEM parts. Otherwise, the parts we sell are compatible with your application.

What can we do for you?

  • Short Lead Times & Reliable Support
  • Custom and Standard Electrical Heater Design
  • Short Runs & Quick Response
  • Use Corrosion Resistant Supports (300 series stainless steel)
  • High Quality Products
    (we'll get it done right the first time)
  • Repair or Restring your Heater with a Fast Turn Around
  • Provide any size coil in any quantity, large or small
  • Tubular and Finned Tubular Element Assemblies
  • Supply your Restaurant heater needs quickly

Commercial and Industrial Electric Heating Elements and Controls  

Commercial and Industrial Heating Elements and Controls

Creative Assemblies, Inc., has over fifty (50) years of electrical heater design and fabrication experience to place at your disposal. Our goal is to provide a heater design which is practical, functional, affordable and of the highest quality. We are also able to repair or provide you with replacement parts for your existing heaters, be they restaurant, commercial, or industrial.

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